This is my little corner of the internet where I put writings, tools, and info. Not everything might make sense, something is just my own tools. Some might even be hidden, but you are welcome to poke around trying to find stuff :)

Some projects I am currently into/working with:

The projects below will give an idea what this blog will be about. It will probably take some time, but I hope to be able to write about a lot of this stuff..

  • This blog
    A technical blog about things I want to share, probably low frequent, but will try to keep it going :) The blog-engine itself is a story of it's own. Gridsome, Vue, Tailwind and a lot of other interesting frontend tech.
  • Home automation
    Lots of home-automation, and everything in that genre, including a local kubernetes cluster, ansible, network, storage, home-assistant, app-daemon, sensors, security, ...
  • Opa-Stack
    Thoughts going into opa-stack. A framework around FastAPI that I'm eventually going to use for a lot of stuff.. Currently somewhat on hold to I get other stuff going.
  • Client workflow
    Your workflow can always be better.. This is a big thing, but involves a lot of stuff. Everything from OS, backup, containers and hardware.